EFM Worldwide

Culture & Mission Statement

Our Mission is Simple …

  • To Make YOU Wealthy …
  • To help YOU achieve your dreams and goals!
  • To propel YOU to the freedom that YOU deserve!

And most importantly …

To Serve You Every Single Step of the Way!

"This opportunity is the answer to your prayers!"


"EFM World Wide is one of the most passionate, purposed filled organizations that I have ever been a part of. Brian and his team of wealth coaches lead with heart, vision, humility and integrity. It is not a surprise that I am well on my way to being their next Millionaire member. Going from earning $30,000 to $40,000 per month at the Freedom level, and now earning over $110,000 the last two months as a VIP member, I am well on my way! There is no place that I would rather be."

- Claurita W. – La Jolla, CA

We want to empower you to live your life to the absolute fullest! To actually deliver on that promise, we are going to have to execute at the highest level!

That is a promise that we will fulfill every single day! It will require all of us here at EFM World Wide to reach beyond who we are today and to develop and continue to improve our skill sets in a way that serves us both as individuals and members of this collective organization.

It is the sincere desire of everyone involved with our organization that EFM World Wide & ExtremelyFastMoney.com becomes the best thing that ever happened to you.

This opportunity and organization is the answer to your prayers! We want nothing but the best for each and everyone of our team members. We have a vested interest in your success, and we are driven to help YOU succeed at the highest level possible.

Having said that, we are a very specific kind of company, and we are MOST DEFINITELY NOT for everyone.

It will be up to you to follow our time tested and proven strategies. If you do, and you do it with a positive and goal focused mindset, the results will be MIND BLOWING!

Your life and finances could change FOREVER for the positive, and you will be living the life that you always envisioned.

A life of abundance, prosperity, peace, and TRUE WEALTH.

We are looking for winners! Winners who want to be a part of a WINNING culture! Our focus is to attract the right kind of people and repel the wrong people.

What we are promising is a path to becoming WEALTHY! A path that includes not only an ABUNDANCE of cash, but a path to becoming the best version of yourself. A path to an empowering and prosperous mindset. A path to TRUE WEALTH! TRUE WEALTH in your finances, happiness, relationships, physical health, mental health, spiritual life, self -worth and net worth.

If you are someone who wants to take a quantum leap in your finances … If you are someone that wants to WIN at life, and live life to the fullest …